“Annoying Pest” or “Welcome Guest”?

From time to time a client asks why our real estate newsletter has a general interest article front and centre and a real estate article in second place.

If you’re wondering too, and it’s been a while since you read my e-book, 7 Secrets to Dominate Your Market with a Real Estate Newsletter, let me explain.

Would You Waste Time Selling Ice to an Eskimo?

Imagine trying to sell blocks of ice to an Eskimo – knocking on the door of a frozen igloo, “Ice anyone?” Any salesperson senseless enough to try would never become a welcome guest; at best they’d be classed as an annoying pest. An eskimo doesn’t need ice.

Sadly, many real estate agents make a similar mistake – trying relentlessly to sell their real estate services to someone who simply doesn’t want to part with their house.

I’ve somehow ended up on a dozen databases and I regularly get calls, “Hi, is this Mrs Pilkington? This is (x) from (local agency). I’m just ringing to ask if you have any interest in selling your home in the next 3-6 months?”

When I’ve rushed in from the garden to answer the phone, or dropped everything while cooking dinner, it’s annoying. I have no interest in selling my house.

Letterbox flyers saying, “I’m the #1 agent in your area, call me,” go straight in the bin.

Sure, this method of prospecting fishes out the odd person ready to sell but what if, using the same amount of effort, you could open even more doors by simply changing the message? A message that helps you identify homeowners ready-to-sell now and secures future listings from the 95% that currently have no interest in a real estate transaction?

Open More Doors with a Relevant Message

It’s about having a message that is relevant. Meeting people where they’re at. Being a part of all stages of their selling journey. From stage one – no interest in selling, right through to stage 10 – signing the listing agreement.

Always Add Value

When you constantly add value to people’s everyday life – making them smile, supporting their charitable causes, offering free entry into a prize draw – the message is that you are the friendly and professional, local real estate expert; the go-to person whenever someone needs real estate advice of any kind.

You’re also using the “power of reciprocation” – giving before asking for anything in return. This builds around you a large community of people who know, like and trust you, and cements you top of mind so they automatically call you when it’s time to buy or sell. (That’s “downright brilliant” don’t you think?)

So this is why, front and centre of your newsletter, is a friendly, interesting and nothing-to-do-with-real-estate article targeted at a broad range of reader interest.

In second place in your newsletter is a professional article to pre-educate vendors about the process of selling. This positions you as the local real estate expert and is supported by evidence of your success (solds, current listings, a testimonial) and “inside” information (local market statistics).

The remainder of your newsletter is filled with light-hearted entertainment. Interestingly, the most frequent feedback we receive is how much readers enjoy the joke. (If you come across any good jokes, please forward them to me! Jokes that are family-friendly and non-offensive to race, religion or gender are getting more and more difficult to find!)

Make Your Phone Call Worthwhile

And if you’re wondering how to also change the “message” of that telemarketing call, phone people who already know you and who are receiving your newsletter.

As an easy conversation starter ask, “Just a quick, friendly call to see if you’ve been receiving my newsletter?”

“How have you enjoyed it?”

“Has it raised any real estate questions for you?”

“Before I go, would you like free entry into this month’s prize draw to win [$60.00 worth of Hoyts Movie Money/tickets to the Breakers’ game/tickets to the local school production/family pass to the zoo]?”

Enjoy Being a Welcome Guest

Add value every time you touch base with a homeowner, whether or not they are interested in selling. Be the friendly and professional, local real estate expert; an always welcome guest in every home.

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