“Annoying Pest” or “Welcome Guest”?

From time to time a client asks why our real estate newsletter has a general interest article front and centre and a real estate article in second place.

If you’re wondering too, and it’s been a while since you read my e-book, 7 Secrets to Dominate Your Market with a Real Estate Newsletter, let me explain.

Would You Waste Time Selling Ice to an Eskimo?

Imagine trying to sell blocks of ice to an Eskimo – knocking on the door of a frozen igloo, “Ice anyone?” Any salesperson senseless enough to try would never become a welcome guest; at best they’d be classed as an annoying pest. An eskimo doesn’t need ice. Continue reading

Have You Got Your Fair Share of the Real Estate “Pie”?

If every one of the 15,000 real estate agents in New Zealand got an even slice of market share (and we all know they don’t), there would only be 5 or 6 sales available each year for every agent.*

That’s barely enough commissions to earn the average New Zealand salary for someone who only works 40 hours a week!

Recently I was chatting about the drop in listings to the owner of several Auckland real estate offices. He commented that the 90/10 rule is now in play – 10% of his agents now have 90% of the listings – and the one thing these people all have in common Continue reading

Win More Listings with a Real Estate Newsletter

A real estate newsletter future-proofs listing opportunities, so you don't lose them through a "hole in the wall of your business".

A real estate newsletter future-proofs listing opportunities, so you don’t lose them through a “hole in the wall of your business”.

Not sending a regular real estate newsletter?

You’re losing potential income.

DLEs, telemarketing, “I’m in your street” letters all generate leads to potential sellers. But if you’re not following up with a newsletter to your past appraisals, past buyers and sellers, it’s a bit like…

…losing dozens of potential listings through a big, leaky hole in the side of your business.

And seeing your competitor’s signboard outside a house where you should have got the listing hurts; really hurts. Continue reading

Real Estate Marketing – Big Database, Big Reach, Big Results

Elephant and dog_real estate marketing size matters_300In real estate marketing, size matters.

Why? Real estate prospecting is a numbers game.

If you can double your numbers, you can double your income.

If, for example, you have a homeowner database of 400 names and addresses and you’re currently making 25 sales a year from “mining” that database, how would your income look if you doubled the size of your database? Continue reading

Real Estate Marketing Mistake #2 – Why 90% of Your Marketing Falls on Deaf Ears

Real estate agent marketing self_300

Old school real estate marketing: “It’s all about me.” To be heard above the rest, it now has to be all about the customer.

The way the world does sales is changing.

Businesses everywhere are moving away from hard-sell, high pressure, go-for-the-close sales strategies to friendlier methods that:

  • give value before taking value
  • earn trust before asking for trust
  • offer non-monetised, added value before, during and after the sale

At any one time, only 5-10% of homeowners are actually interested in selling so if your real estate prospecting isn’t yet on board with this, you’re making a big, big mistake… Continue reading