Consistency Required to Get Results

Why You Need to Send Your Newsletter For at Least 6 Months To See Results

To be an effective prospecting tool, a real estate newsletter needs to be consistent. You need to keep at it. The longer you use it, the more effective it becomes.

Why? Your readers filter thousands of advertising messages every day. Consequently, research shows people need to see an advertisement 3-7 times before they even notice it. It’s therefore unlikely you’ll see tangible results from your first newsletter. In fact, you will probably need to send your real estate newsletter for at least 6 consecutive months (to the same people!) before you begin to see results.

The process, particularly if you’re mailbox dropping to strangers, goes something like this:

Reader’s Response When Receiving Your Newsletter

Month 1 Junk mail. Bin.
Month 2 More junk mail. Bin.
Month 3 That looks familiar. I think I’ve seen it before.
Month 4 Here’s that newsletter again. I wonder what it’s all about. Skim read.
Month 5 Oh, this newsletter is becoming regular. It looks interesting. Put on coffee table. Read later.
Month 6 I really enjoyed that last newsletter. Here it is again. I wonder what Mary (I think that was her name) has to say this month?
Month 7+ Mary’s a good sort. I like her. Mary seems to know what she’s talking about. I trust her. Can’t wait for Mary’s newsletter next month.
Future I’m thinking of selling. I’ll call Mary, she’ll be able to help.

Your newsletter is not an instant results machine, but rather a tool to slowly and steadily build a community of people who know, like and trust you, then call you when it’s time to buy or sell.

Recently, at a friend’s barbecue, I chatted to a lady who mentioned that the salesperson they bought their house from 15 years ago still regularly keeps in touch. I asked her if she was okay with that, and if she sold, would she use him.

“Yes, and absolutely. He’s just lovely.” When I asked, she recalled his name instantly. (He was one of my clients. 🙂 )

So keep going. Use your newsletter consistently to build strong relationships with your clients. The longer you use it, the more effective it will become.

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