How to Get Higher Letterbox Delivery Rates

How to Get Higher Letterbox Delivery Rates

Deliverability is something I’ve chatted to lots of clients about lately. Having high quality, professional real estate marketing material is one thing, successful delivery is another. Here are a few tips on getting more printed material delivered to letterboxes this month (on-line deliverability is an entirely different subject for another time).

1. Involve Your Delivery Person in Your Success

Offer a small incentive to reward reliable deliveries e.g. movie tickets each time you get an appraisal or listing from their delivery round.

2. Deliver on Weekdays

Research shows weekdays achieve better cut-through (people actually seeing your marketing material) than on weekends.

3. Deliver on a Different Day to Everyone Else

Find out what days the local “junk mail” contractors deliver their stack of papers. Avoid these days so yours doesn’t get lost in the pile.

4. Consider Adding an Address to Your Marketing Material to Legitimately By-Pass “No Junk Mail”

It’s a lot of extra effort but it’s unlikely your competitor is doing it so the competitive advantage gained could be well worth the return on investment.

IMPORTANT: Seek your own legal and management advice about this first to ensure you don’t contravene any local by-law or company policy. Also read The Marketing Association Code of Practice for Distribution of Unaddressed Mail.

Good luck with getting delivered! Remember that advertising only works if it’s repetitive – make sure your real estate marketing material goes to the same households every single month.

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