Partner with Another Business to Find More Clients

A great way to reach even more homeowners with your real estate marketing is to partner with a local business or organisation. Here are some ideas. Choose one. If it works, stick at it, then try another method too.

Waiting Room Reading

Takeaway stores, cafes, hairdressers, mechanics, doctors and dentists have dozens of homeowners sitting, waiting every day. Give them something to read! Grab a couple of A4 or DLE, clear plastic display stands from the stationery store, fill them with a bunch of your full-colour, printed real estate newsletters and pop in to your favourite local business to ask permission to leave them on the front counter. If your newsletter is interesting, and not only about real estate, it provides a little light entertainment for that business’ waiting customers, as well as advertising your services. It’s a WIN-WIN.

HOT TIP: Occasionally include muffins or coffee for the staff when you’re dropping off your newsletter. Building strong relationships so people remember you (and refer you) is all about adding value without expecting anything in return.

Sponsor Advertising for a Non-Profit Organisation

Explore sponsoring a regular hand-out or mail out for a non-profit organisation e.g. tennis club, school, Rotary. Offer to make a donation or contribute to printing and postage costs if they include your newsletter with their regular, printed communications.

Explore a Joint Venture

Partner with another reputable, non-real estate business who also services homeowners e.g. property management company (in-house or independent), lawyer, home maintenance or cleaning company. Include their advertising flyer with your newsletter and ask them to promote you too.

Be Frequent & Consistent with Your Real Estate Marketing

Whatever method you choose, stick to it. Effective real estate marketing always hinges on frequency and consistency – distributing around the same time, every month in a similar, recognisable way.

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