Post or email?

Should I post or email my real estate newsletter?

Which is more effective? A posted or email newsletter? It’s a long running debate and the goal posts are constantly changing.

Cost is usually the biggest factor that comes into play when making the decision – email is virtually free, post is a significant investment. But as with all investments, if it promises to return more than the initial outlay, it’s definitely worth a look.

The goal of your newsletter is to build a strong personal relationship with your reader. When that person knows, likes and trust you, it will eventually lead to a sale.

However, your newsletter will only be successful in building that relationship if that person actually sees and reads your newsletter.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The average person receives probably 50-60 emails a day; business people well over 100. Contrast this with old-fashioned snail mail where you’d be lucky to get 5-6 letters a day.

If your newsletter is one of 50-60 emails, or one of 5-6 posted letters, which is more likely to get read?

Email marketing service, Mailchimp, reports the average email open rate for real estate is 37.2%. That’s more than 6 out of 10 emails being deleted without being opened and read. Most people will at least open and scan most if not all of their posted mail.

A printed newsletter communicates “value” to your reader – a bit like a favourite magazine or newspaper; unlike “just another email.”

So for effectiveness as a relationship building tool, a posted newsletter wins hands down. But that doesn’t mean an email newsletter should be discounted altogether.

Touching base with 37.2% of your database is still valuable e.g. that equals 111 of 300, or 372 of 1000. It’s certainly nowhere near as effective 300/300 or 1000/1000, but it’s better than 0.

So, if cost is an issue, start with email. Then post your newsletter to a different 1/3 of your database each month so they’re receiving it once every 3 months. Slowly build until your newsletter is emailed and posted to everyone, every month.

Note: Postage costs maybe less than you think. NZ Post offers up to 41% volume discount. Ask us if you’d like more information and a quote on our print and post service.

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