Here's how to stop losing listings because you didn't have time to stay in touch!
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Never lose another listing because you didn't stay in touch.
Dear Real Estate Professional

It's frustrating, and it hurts - seeing your competitor's signboard outside what should have been YOUR listing. It ruins your day. Possibly your week.

Lost income. Lost opportunity. You feel like banging your head against a brick wall. If only you’d had time to stay in touch…

…instead you lie awake at night, wondering…

“Where will my next listing come from?”
“Will the vendor I presented to today choose me or my competitor?”
“I wish it was easier.”

In a sense, you’re a victim of your own success.

You’re so absorbed (and rightly so) in providing a highly professional service to your current vendors and buyers that you just don't have time for regular prospecting, marketing and seeking out new business to keep your pipeline full of new listing opportunities...

...following up with past clients (your easiest source of repeat sales and referrals) gets neglected – they forget your name and find someone else to sell their home...

...your once frequent and consistent letterbox drops to your farm area become spasmodic—only done occasionally as a last ditch attempt when you suddenly run out of listings. And your one, occasional flyer drowns in the pile of 27 other agents also farming the same area... 

27 other agents farming the same area? No way!!!

Nope, it's not an exaggeration. Here’s a pic (right) of 54 real estate flyers from 27 agents collected from my letterbox in a 6 month period...and that’s not to mention the telemarketing calls and emails also received.

Yep. 54 flyers, 27 agents, 6 months, 1 letterbox.

That’s tough competition!

How would it feel if you were able to:

✔ Take back control of your business
✔ Choose who to do business with, where and when
✔ Stand out from your competition
✔ Dominate your market

Take back control of your business, dominate your market...and get more sleep!

Although you're juggling the demands of buyers and sellers, ensuring you adhere to complicated legal requirements including compulsory training, it’s actually surprisingly simple to take back control...

...with your client newsletter outsourced to a team of professional marketers, journalists and copywriters all the thinking and hard work of writing and designing is done for you. Each month, simply supply listing and sold photos and your newsletter arrives like clockwork, ready for you to send (we can also print, post and email; you need to arrange hand delivery).

Imagine hearing from a long ago buyer, “We’ve outgrown the house and we need to sell. Can you give us an appraisal?”

Or a past vendor, “My Mum needs to move in with us, can you find us a home with a granny flat, and sell both our houses?”

When every person on your database and in your farm area has heard from you every month, you'll drop into bed at night, after a long, exhausting day, satisfied you’re still top of mind and no longer losing listings simply because you didn’t have time to stay in touch. 

Join other successful real estate agents

Since 2011, agents all over New Zealand have enjoyed the benefits of outsourcing their real estate marketing—agents from Whangarei to Invercargill, from Barfoot & Thompson, Bayleys, Century 21, First National, Harcourts, LJ Hooker, The Professionals, Mike Pero Real Estate, Ray White and many more.

At Downright Brilliant we’ve had the privilege of working with many outstandingly successful, award-winning agents, others brand new to the industry, and many more good solid performers who recognise the value of using professional marketing help so they can focus on what they do best—selling houses.

Shelley Pilkington, Director and founder of Downright Brilliant, is a professional copywriter and marketing consultant specialising in written and digital marketing communications. As a seasoned real estate investor having purchased and sold many properties since 2001 you could say she fits your "ideal client profile" and therefore has a unique perspective on the real estate industry looking from the outside in.
What other real estate professionals are saying...

“…It has created new listing opportunities for us…”

“…worth its weight in gold…”

“…I know I do get listing leads from it…”

“…You have certainly made my business better.”

“…saves me a lot of time and is less stress…”

“…easy way to stay in touch with your database to ensure you’re top-of-mind so people can refer you or call you…”
Dominate your market
Standout from your competitors
Create new listing opportunities
Save time
Every newsletter is designed to
position you as the local area expert

Why? Knowledge in print is powerful. If you "know enough to write stuff" you are automatically perceived as very knowledgeable about your topic and, therefore, an expert.

To leverage this powerful phenomenon, every issue of the Downright Brilliant Newsletter contains an article designed to pre-educate potential clients about buying and selling. 

Example topics: investment in marketing, professional photography, presentation, legislation changes.

Also included: calls to action, local REINZ statistics, testimonials, up to 5 current listings/just solds.
Professional, But Fun & Friendly Too

The surprising #1 secret of a successful real estate newsletter is that it's not all about real estate.

You live, breathe and sleep real estate—market stats, facts and figures. Most of your clients don’t. Right now, only 5–10% of homeowners are interested in buying or selling. To stay relevant, and maintain a warm and friendly relationship with the other 90–95% (so you are still top of mind when it is time to sell) your newsletter also needs interesting and entertaining content. 

As well as real estate information, the Downright Brilliant Newsletter contains a general interest article, a joke (the most popular section!), puzzles and/or a recipe. 

Example general interest topics: current events, life skills, motivation, inspiration, health and well-being.

Exclusive Areas for Hand Delivery

You can post or email your newsletter to anyone, anywhere, however hand delivery of the Downright Brilliant Newsletter is limited to one real estate salesperson per area.

Book your FREE 15-minute Marketing Consultation to see if your area is available.

No more cold calling, hard-sell, high pressure sales

Real estate agents who aren’t keen on traditional hard-sell, high pressure, “hound the client” sales techniques find the Downright Brilliant real estate newsletter helps maintain the perfect balance between a friendly and professional relationship.

When phoning around their database or door knocking a farm area, “Just calling to see if you’ve received my newsletter…how have you enjoyed reading it?” makes for an easy, natural conversation starter followed by a smooth segway to the exploratory question, “Has it raised any real estate questions for you?”

This is a much friendlier, more natural and low key approach to “Are you thinking of selling?” – a huge benefit for real estate agents to whom building strong, long-term relationships with clients is important.

In fact, we even have a client who has become a “mini-celebrity” in his farm area – he has been approached in the supermarket or on the street by strangers who have recognised him and thanked him for his newsletter.
"My newsletter saves me a lot of time and is less stress as I don’t have to come up with all the ideas anymore. When I talk to people about the newsletter they are always complimentary about it and I know I do get listing leads from it which is what it is all about. The feedback from my clients is positive and I’m getting more feedback than I used to. I’ve already recommended the Downright Brilliant Newsletter to a colleague and will continue to recommend it to others."Joe Voordouw, Harcourts

“Keeping in touch with past and present clients is so important in real estate. The easy reading Downright Brilliant Newsletter appeals to a wide audience and is a perfect way to do this. It’s informative, sometimes funny, and definitely a non-invasive way to be “top of mind” when people are thinking about real estate.”
Janice Patching, Ray White

Ready to have your newsletter done-for-you?

Click here to book your free 15-minute marketing consultation to a) uncover the secrets used by top performing real estate professionals to create a continuous flow of new listings leads;  b) find out if a real estate newsletter is the right fit for your real estate marketing needs; and c) check your exclusive area is available.

Note: Minimum six (6) month contract applies. Select your newsletter format from the grid below then setup monthly payment by credit card.


Follow the instructions to upload photos, testimonials etc via the on-line form.

You'll receive your newsletter proof by email 2-3 working days later.

Print in-house or we can print for you. Post, email and/or hand-deliver.

Never lose another listing because you didn't have time to stay in touch.

Select an option below to have a friendly and professional real estate newsletter written and designed for you, every month...
...and never lose another listing because you didn't stay in touch.
1: Print Newsletter
Print and/or email as attachment
  • Full colour, double sided A4, print-ready PDF file.
  • Print then post or email as an attachment to anyone, anywhere.
  • Exclusive rights to hand-deliver to up to 4000 households.
  • Jpeg to post on Facebook.
  • Print service - optional extra.
  • Minimum six (6) month contract.
2: Email Newsletter
Professional HTML email marketing
  • Beautiful email formatted like a webpage—images, colour, links
  • Responsive design. Clients can read your email from their mobile phone or device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Send via your in-house email software, or we will send for you via our email partner.
  • Minimum six (6) month contract.
3: Print plus Email
  • Save $99.00.
  • Ultimate marketing package.
  • Reach more potential clients by engaging with readers both on-line and off-line - print, email and Facebook.
  • Minimum six (6) month contract.
100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your personalised newsletter, contact us within 30 days of receiving it by email. We will bend over backwards to rectify the problem but if you are still not satisfied, we will refund your money. This does not apply if your newsletter has already been distributed.
Never lose another listing because you didn’t have time to stay in touch. Have your monthly real estate newsletter written and designed for you.

✔ Dominate your market
✔ Stand out from your competition
✔ Create new listing opportunities
✔ Save time
Join other successful top performing real estate agents TODAY.
30 day 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

"I love the design of the newsletter & great content. I am happy that my clients really read a newsletter & looking forward to receiving it every month. It is a wonderful way to be in touch with our clients & show them what we do. Shelley & her team are real professionals in the field, very accommodating & efficient."Lucy Bondarenko, P&H Realty
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