Responsible for Several of My Listings

If you’re in the Real Estate industry, you’ll know that it’s not easy – making it through the first couple of years is b&?%@ hard work, and you often need help from outside sources to get you down the track, to help you get listings, to get your name out in the market place and I did just that.

The person’s name – the tool that I used – was the Downright Brilliant newsletter. This amazing woman named Shelley Pilkington (and she’s going to hate me for that!) but she is. She’s incredible. She has a gift and knows how to craft an amazing newsletter that engages your market, that lets them know who you are and tells a story.

So if you’re after something additional to what you’re doing now in the market place, to gain attention, to get your name out there, I highly suggest the Downright Brilliant newsletter. It’s b&?%@ awesome, I’ve used it a lot and it’s been responsible for several of my listings.

Shelley Pilkington. You’re a rockstar babe and I love you. Thank you.

Tim Webb | Barfoot & Thompson, Birkenhead

Top 100 Agent in New Zealand

I’ve been utilising Downright Brilliant and Shelley Pilkington as my Newsletter scriptist for the last 24 months. Is it coincidental that I now feature regularly in the Top 100 Agents for NZ? I would say No!

My newsletter is a big part of my “Sales Tool Bag” when talking to home owners about selling their property. Being able to offer 1 document which can be posted and emailed to a database or hand delivered to an exclusive area is of great benefit from many perspectives, including quite rightly, being cost effective!

In addition to the extremely reasonable cost, the newsletter provides up to date REINZ sales data local to our area, helpful articles and handy hints for home owners relevant to the time of year or holiday/celebratory occasion, and puzzles and jokes as well – something for everyone! The newsletter is personalised for me – it is a vehicle for advertising my website, my various social media outlets, and recent awards and testimonials from clients, along with current listings and recent sales – and requires about 15 minutes of input from me each month in total!

The best thing about this newsletter is the creator and supplier – Shelley, along with her ever capable 2IC Rachel. Both are friendly, helpful and extremely efficient – they have consistently provided service above and beyond what is the norm; they are happy to revise, and change script and photos at the last minute on occasion when it’s been needed, and have always been easy to work with and accommodating, without being pushy!

Part of my success comes from their support to my business – so in short – they rock!

Fiona Senton | Ray White, Papakura

I Want to Keep This Secret to Myself!

The Downright Brilliant real estate newsletter is so convenient, and all done for me, all I needed to do was update my database (which was to my advantage) and make up regular labels for my posted newsletters.

I have had good feedback from people, especially about how it is good to receive a real estate newsletter that is different and not all about the real estate agent or company. I have a large number of retired people on my database and they look forward to the newsletter, especially the joke and the general information.

The benefits are that my name is out there regularly, without any hard work on my behalf. It gives me an excuse to talk to people, asking if they received newsletter etc. It makes me feel good about doing regular advertising – which helps my confidence, and reduces my guilt. One person phoned to say they were the new people living in a house that the newsletter was being posted to, but asked if my database could be altered to include their name so they could continue receiving the newsletter, which they enjoy.

I am too greedy to recommend the newsletter to local agents – I want this outstanding advertising opportunity all to myself. But to agents out of area who want to look professional and are prepared to spend the money marketing, I would say it is one of the best forms of advertising that I have found in my 20 years of being in real estate.

Margaret (surname withheld by request to protect competitive advantage)

Serious About Growing Your Business?

Shelley has taken over my client contact program and introduced all sorts of new ideas and innovations to help me obtain new clients and keep my own past and current clients thinking about me. If you are serious about growing your business you should work with Shelley, she has the ideas, the patience and the skill to help.

Todd Yelavich | Prestige Realty

Good Feedback…So Professional…Removes the Stress

Thank you for the great service! Getting good feedback from the newsletter. You have no idea how I appreciate what you & your team do for me….your work is so professional & takes a load of stress off!

Nadia Van Zyl | Barfoot & Thompson

Great Feedback

I get great feedback from my newsletter. People regularly comment on how much they enjoy receiving it and say “thanks for staying in touch”. Having my monthly newsletter done for me makes it simple and easy to stay in touch with my past clients and people thinking about selling. If you’re in real estate, I recommend you use the Downright Brilliant Newsletter because it’s a simple and easy way to stay in touch with your database to ensure you’re top-of-mind so people can refer you or call you when it’s time to buy or sell again.

Rae Cox | Ray White

Worth Its Weight in Gold

The Downright Brilliant Newsletter is worth its weight in gold. It has created new listing opportunities for us. It helps us to stay in touch and top of mind so when people are thinking of selling, we’re the first person they call. If you want to stand out from all your competitors and be positioned as your local area specialist, I recommend using the Downright Brilliant Newsletter. It’s an effective prospecting system that just goes out every month, consistently keeping your name out there without you having to think about what to write and send each month. It’s a simple and easy way to stay in touch with your database to ensure you’re top-of-mind so people can refer you or call you when it’s time to buy or sell again. It’s also easy to email to your database.

Michele & Peter Scott | Leaders Wellington

I know it’s working!

Keeping in touch with past and present clients is so important in real estate. The easy reading Downright Brilliant Newsletter appeals to a wide audience and is a perfect way to do this. It’s informative, sometimes funny, and definitely a non-invasive way to be “top of mind” when people are thinking about real estate. When a previous client emails to thank me for my newsletter every month – then I know it’s working! The Downright Brilliant Newsletter is definitely an added bonus to my business. Regular contact means people remember to call me when they, or someone they know, are thinking of selling.

Janice Patching | Ray White

Real Professionals in the Field

I love the design of the newsletter & great content. I am happy that my clients really read a newsletter & looking forward to receiving it every month. It is a wonderful way to be in touch with our clients & show them what we do. Shelley & her team are real professionals in the field, very accommodating & efficient.

Lucy Bondarenko | P & H Realty